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Gabriella Hairdressers
Viale dei Navigatori, 38
48122 Punta Marina (RA)
Tel. and Fax +39 0544 437531

Body Fashion
Via del Remo 2
48122 Punta Marina (RA)
Tel. and Fax +39 0544 438356


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Facial spa package

Body Fashion provides a wellness package face, to give vitality and shine, to its customers. Antiaging treatment to reduce the signs of aging; a cleaning and a bracing to regain lost vitality.           The package includes: Facial cleansing with ultrasound Radiofrequency firming antiwrinkle face oxygen Infusion
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Package body treatments

Body Fashion offers its customers several packages for the body 10 Draining and Deflating Pressomassaggi euro 250,00 5 Pressomassaggi euro 145,00 5 Pressomassaggi + 5 Draining bandages-shaping
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